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Our Afya Pap mobile application is designed to offer a non- drug plan for individuals with chronic illnesses and tackle each person’s challenges. Afya Pap uses Al and behavioural science to help our users change their habits, reduce the financial burden of managing their conditions, and improve their health.

Afya Pap has a wide range of useful functionality to help our users to tackle their condition.

Afya Pap and Communities

As a social enterprise, our goal primary objective is to improve chronic care support and bridging the information access and remote patient monitoring gap. Afya Pap have not only improved direct doctor-to-patient monitoring and information access but have created empowered communities and patients willing to adhere to their drug and non-drug therapies.

Afya Pap has helped countless patients manage their health

Keeping healthy isn't always easy to do alone. Access our Doctor's via a voice call or SMS to receive ongoing support when you need it most.

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