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The caregiver web portal is a seamless data sharing link for a network of caregivers and care partners crucial for helping a patient manage their condition effectively i.e. caregivers such as pharmacies, private surgeries, public and private hospitals. The caregiver portal has been integrated with the Afya Pap Mobile application for real-time sharing of blood pressure, blood sugar and other vital health information with caregivers and care partners.

Keep track of your chronic patients with Afya Pap Caregiver Module.

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Afya Pap mobile and web application are integrated with various devices for checking your health vitals as advised by your medical practitioners. Afya Pap is an ideal, accurate and reliable monitoring systems that gives you adequate glycaemic control. Afya Pap is linked to various health vitals measuring devices i.e. Blood Glucose Meter and Blood Pressure Meter. The reading are then stored on your phone and you get an action item based the readings.

Afya Pap has helped countless patients manage their health

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